How to make Tofu Taste like Bacon

Vegan Tofu Bacon

When you hear that someone is a vegetarian, it is hard to believe how they live without eating bacon. The secret is tofu bacon which the perfect one for all vegetarian. Don’t put in mind that living without eating meat is hard, this is because there are bacon which are not meaty nor fatty. Tofu Bacon is one among the vegan bacon.

You can be veggie and lack any interest on real bacon. Vegan Tofu Bacon has a similar taste with other bacon which enables someone not to crave for meat. The tofu bacon is smoked, sticky and has some little spice on it. Since because it is a vegetarian dish you may think the bacon is not delicious at all, but you are all wrong. You might find that tofu bacon is even much better than any other bacon, this depends on your preference.

Don’t forget that it is crispy and marinated with spices giving it a delicious taste and it has an appealing look which attracts you from a distance.


How to prepare tofu bacon in a few minutes.

first, drain and press the tofu to make it more firm, this can be done for an hour. If this is new to you, use a tofu press if the tofu is in large amount.

After you are done pressing, slice it in to thin pieces to get as many slices as you can.

Mix all the marinating ingredient in a clean plastic bag. Put in your tofu, squeeze out all the air and store it in a refrigerator overnight.

Once you are ready to prepare your tofu, preheat the oven to about 400 degrees. Have the baking sheet with you and line it with the parchment paper.

Lay the slices your tofu one by one and put it in the oven, bake for about 8 to 10 minutes. Remove them in the oven and place them on the other side for another 8 to 10 minute.

Make sure they are not burnt. Serve them with other vegetables of your choice. In case there are some leftovers you can just reheat using a pan some other time.

Why eat tofu bacon

They are known to be for vegetarians only and that’s where you go wrong, as long you find it tasty and delicious anyone can eat tofu bacon because they have no fats and are not meaty.

They are also quick to prepare and can be used alongside different dishes of your choice. Try tofu bacon and you will realise some changes with your health improvement.

Here is a video on how you can create your own Tofu Bacon

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