Speck Bacon – Where does it come from?

When it comes to speck bacon, it is a term that a majority of us still have problems getting around. The definition and preparation of speck especially varies across a number of nations. Demystifying the concept therefore becomes a bit challenging but still i will try.

Origin of Speck Bacon

Research has consistently pointed to the origin of speck as being Northern Italy, in the area bordering Switzerland and Austria. With time however, speck has gradually spread across all parts of the world. In fact, today, it is very safe to conclude that speck has gained immeasurable popularity in a majority if not all parts of the world.

What do you understand by Speck Bacon?

As aforementioned, the understanding of speck bacon varies across different nationalities. Some of the most agreeable and popular recipes for speck however owe their origin to nations such as Germany and Italy.

According to Germans, the term speck is a direct translation for the term bacon. Owing from this simple understanding, it means that speck is quite popular in Germany. In fact, Germans have a variety of recipes for preparing the same. This means there are several brands of speck enjoyed here.

In general, speck has been established to bear close resemblance to another delicacy known as prosciutto. The most evident difference between the two however is perhaps the fact that speck, unlike prosciutto normally smoked.

One of the most widely accepted understanding of speck is the Italian one. [easyazon_link identifier=”B004BH2WVS” locale=”US” tag=”infobacon-20″ cart=”y”]Buy Italian Speck on Amazon[/easyazon_link]

Should i buy precut bacon?

There are adventages to both precut and non-cut bacon

What Is Speck Alte Adige?

[easyazon_link keywords=”Speck Alto Adige” locale=”US” tag=”infobacon-20″]Speck Alto Adige[/easyazon_link] is one of the most valued and tasteful Italian cold cut. The manufacturers choose lean thighs from controlled farm animals, they are selected and accurately cut. This makes it unique and influenced by the territory and by the traditional processing methods.


What is PGI, IGP and DOP?

So what is IGP, PGI and DOP. Below i have listed a short explanation but if you want to read more i have written a longer article on the subject. (Glossary of Food Certifications)


PGI stands for Protected Geographical Indication. Which is the there to assure that the status of a product is assigned only to selected products obtained according to traditional methods and in specific geographical areas.
That means that the product has a guarantee that the quality and authenticity.



Indicazione Geografica Protetta (Indication of Geographic Protection)

The IGP label shows that the quality or reputation of your food or condiment is linked to the place or region where it is produced, processed, or prepared.

So PGI and IGP is the same it is just the Italian version of it.


Denominazione d’Origine Protetta | Protected Designation of Origin

The DOP label guarantees that your favorite cheese, prosciutto, olive oil, etc., is produced, processed, and packaged in a specific geographical zone and according to tradition. Each step, from production to packaging, is regulated.


Italian recipe for speck

For Italians, preparation of speck takes considerable number of steps as well as time. To start with, according to them, speck is deboned raw ham. This raw ham is then marinated in brine for a period of up to two weeks. The brine used for the marination process is flavored with a number of ingredients. These include pimento, black pepper, a little sugar as well as garlic. Juniper berries are also distinctively involved in the brewing of this magic.

After the marination, what then follows is drying and light smoking. Again, this takes up to three weeks. The final step in this process is hanging in a relatively cool place. This can take as long as five months.

Of course this process will vary amongst different families. This has given birth to a range of types of the same.

Research on the same is still on going. Before creating a relationship with this delicacy therefore, it is important to do a whole range of research on the same, the different existing recipes as well as its nutrition value. However, it is inarguably a delicacy worth trying especially for all lovers of bacon.

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