What is Coconut Bacon? And how to make Coconut Bacon.

Coconut Bacon is no longer an alien term especially for vegetarians or wannabe vegetarians. However, it is still very important to demystify this delicacy for the benefit of those who might not yet be familiar with it. So let me give you a on a exploration of the topics surrounding the “concept” of Coconut Bacon.

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Vegan Coconut Bacon?

Going fully vegetarian is not easy at all. In fact, vegetarians regularly try to come up with delicacies that have a taste similar to that of the dishes they used to enjoy before.

Bearing in mind how difficult it is to quit bacon especially, is therefore inarguable an important substitute. It is hard to find good vegetarian bacon.

What is Coconut Bacon made of?

So, what does coconut bacon include? Well, the ingredients are not all that complicated. Just as the name suggests, coconut bacon is made from coconut flakes (unsweetened).

These coconut flakes are then mixed with a number of salts and spices after which they are oven baked. Upon baking, the flakes acquire a taste similar to that of crispy bacon.

It is important to note that there are a variety of popular recipes for coconut bacon. However, we can still come into a consensus that these recipes seem to have a focal meeting point. The most commonly used ingredients include maple syrup, soy sauce, spices/salts and/or liquid smoke. Other ingredients commonly present in coconut bacon are chipotle powder or smoked salt.

Why has Coconut Bacon gained so much popularity?

Coconut bacon is known to be characterized by an oily and crispy texture similar to that of crispy bacon. As earlier mentioned, it is a perfect substitute for all vegetarians having trouble with quitting bacon or those searching for a worthwhile substitute. Furthermore, nutritionists have reached a consensus that coconut bacon is very healthy and poses zero health risks.

Where to buy Coconut Bacon

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Dishes to serve with Coconut Bacon

So what do you serve coconut bacon with? Coconut bacon goes excellently alongside other delicacies including salads, potato skins among others. It is very safe to arrive to an agreement that coconut bacon is a worthwhile try guaranteed to evoke minimum negative response to those brave enough to try the delicacy.

Coconut bacon has gradually acquired a considerable percentage of fans with time. In fact, those who have tried the delicacy agree that it is a very addictive dish. For all those who haven’t tried the delicacy therefore, the time is now.

How to make Coconut Bacon?

This recipe comes at the courtesy of “This mess is ours”

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 Bacon Sushi with Coconut flakes.

This little video isen’t really Coconut Bacon but it is Bacon Sushi that are rolled in coconut.

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