What is Gammon bacon? or is Gammon Ham?

What is Gammon bacon or Ham? These are just some of the questions that i will try and answer in this post

What is gammon made from?

Many people are familiar with different bacons, this is because they are common meals used during breakfast, it can be paired with eggs, rice, bread and many more dishes. This type of meal is known and used all over the world. One of the famous bacon is known as gammon which is cut from the hind leg after being cured.

Gammon can either be fried or boiled but most people prefer it fried so as to attain the delicious flavor, and have it when it is crunchy.

So Is Gammon Ham or Bacon?

Gammon bacon is quite different from the ham which is cured using a different method and is also cured after the cut is done. In the recent restaurants and stores gammon has become famous and people have been familiar to this type of bacon. Some people may ask for ham thinking that they have order gammon bacon. Some people believe that gammon bacon and ham are both the same things though they are similar, there is that slight difference which not many people know about. Bacon and gammon are both cut from the hind leg and the curing process is all the same. In some countries refers ham as gammon while others refer gammon as ham, but all in all the are both cut from a hind leg.

If you get to have gammon bacon, the love for bacon will grow and all the time you get to the meat store gammon bacon will be the first order to make. While buying a certain type of bacon make sure that they are fresh and well stored. Hygiene should be the first thing to observe when it comes to packaging and storage of bacons.

How did Gammon get its name?

The word gammon was derived from a very old French word known as “Gambe”, which meant hind leg. The word gammon was originally used to refer to the meat which was cut in several joints after smoking and brining the whole carcass.

In the modern days the term gammon is referred only to the meat cut on the hind leg, not considering the method used to prepare it unlike the traditional days. Like any other bacon gammon bacon needs to be cooked before eating, check the label to ensure that you get the exact type of bacon you need. It can be sold with the bone, without the bone or even sliced.


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