What is Facon Bacon? Fake Bacon with Soy

At some point in their lives, vegetarians have encountered a craving for bacon. There has been rising urge to satisfy their craving for a taste of bacon and also remain faithful to their vegan vows. No wonder there is what today is referred to as vegan bacon or fake “bacon” (facon).

There are a variety of player ingredients in recipes for facon. Soy products occupy a significant portion of the space present for facon.

There are a variety of soy products treated and cured to acquire taste of bacon. These include tempeh and tofu. We have also come across vegan Bacon bits that are basically built from soy proteins.

Why are soy products commendable substitutes for pork bacon?

The most notable features of soy products that make them excellent substitutes for the real bacon include their lack of cholesterol as well as animal proteins and fat.

However, they are also very rich in their own unique protein content.

Some critics of soy bacon have raised issues of soy “bacon” having zero resemblance to the real bacon. Others further raise a number of possible health hazards associated with soy products. However, studies have shown a number of positive results that counteract these concerns.

To start with, soy products have been attributed with reducing cholesterol in the bodies of consumers. Naturally, soy products such as tofu and tempeh are substitutes of bacon, burgers and other delicacies associated with huge cholesterol levels.

Earlier before, we have heard critics argue that soy protein is not easily digestible. Studies however have proven that soy protein is in fact highly digestible and easily absorbed.

Clinical studies have also proven that soy products do in fact increase life expectancy of breast cancer patients. At the same time, most soy minerals such as calcium and iron are very easily absorbed.

At the same time, soy products come in both fermented and unfermented forms. Whether you decide to replace your bacon with cured and smoked tempeh slices or opt to replace your dairy products with tofu, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about. These are just but a few of the numerous benefits associated with soy products.

The Future of Soy “Bacon”

Before you go about discrediting the authenticity of soy “bacon” you should at least take time to try out the delicacy. Soy bacon has gained a lot of popularity among all vegetarians craving a taste of the real bacon.

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