Bacon FAQs

Bacon – Frequently Asked Questions

When we talk about Bacon there is always a lot of questions. And that is why i am making this list. I compile your  questions in a list here and give a short answer, if it is a big subject i will most likely also make a larger article about it.

So, Here you will be able to see the headlines and a quick answer and maybe a link to a bigger article. If you just wanna browse through all the FAQ articles click here.

And please help to expand this list by writing more questions below. And thanks to Reddit for some great questions.

Question 1.

How many different types of bacon exists? (click for full article)

Honestly i can’t answer this question exactly right now i know of about 30 different types, and in this article i have listed the first 25 types of Bacon.

Question 2.

How Long is Frozen Bacon Good For? (click for full article)

The quick answer is around 4-6 months from the expiration date on the package, for raw bacon. for more info on Frozen bacon

Question 3.

How long to cook turkey bacon in the oven? (click for full article)

Well the quick answer is between 12-30 min depending on how crisp you want it.

Question 4.

What should i store my bacon grease in?

There are made container just for this. The container has a mesh in it to filter the bits out. You can buy em online at amazon at they are called [easyazon_link keywords=”Bacon Grease Containers” locale=”US” nw=”y” tag=”infobacon-20″]Bacon Grease Containers[/easyazon_link]

Question 5.

Does Bacon Have Iron in it?

Question 6.

Does Bacon Have Zinc In it?

Question 7.

Can i make my own Bacon Salt?

Yes you can, and we have a video on it here.